Obituary for Mark Bundy

December 21, 2016


It is with deepest sadness that the Media and Cultural Studies Department Faculty and Staff announce the passing of MCS Dept. Lecturer Mark Bundy.

Mark has been a valued and essential part of the MCS Department for several years, teaching many classes and helping countless students achieve their goals and dreams. Students may remember a few of the classes he has taught over the years: MCS 110J – Film and Media History after World War II: “Deconstructing Gender/Sexual Anarchy/Chaotic Identities in Postictal Media”; MCS 015 – Introduction to Television Studies: “Television as Cultural Capital”; MCS 172 (Comedy as Social Critique: Laughing Through Catastrophe”; MCS 020 – Introduction to Film Studies: “Through a Lens Darkly”; MCS 143F – Gender, Sexuality and Visual Cultures: “A Queer Thing Happened…”; MCS 143F – Gender, Sexuality and Visual Cultures: “Unraveling Gender: Men, women and mental Illness in Film”. As is obvious, Mark always put his own personal stamp on each of the classes he taught, injecting them with humor, verve and intelligence. Additionally, Mark taught lower division, introductory classes with the same commitment and clarity. In this sense, Mark provided students with the essential building blocks to succeed in the major and for this, the Department is particularly grateful.

During his time with MCS, it is no surprise that Mark became a student favorite. Here are just a few student comments from his classes:

— “Professor Bundy was a great teacher overall and really cared about the material he was teaching.”

— “Professor Bundy demonstrates immense passion for the subject through the materials he uniquely selects for the course. He also shows insight and knowledge when it comes to specific concept…I thoroughly enjoyed the screenings of materials selected for lecture and the readings assigned outside of lecture.”

— “Professor Bundy is one of my favorite teachers here at UCR. I continue to sign up for his classes every quarter because of his fun and engaging lectures. As always, he is fair in grading, approachable, helpful, and friendly. I always enjoy coming to his class and come excited to see what is on the agenda for the day. He is an amazing teacher and I look forward to having him next quarter.”

Meri Hilalian (class of 2017) writes, “Anyone who met Professor Bundy will never forget his helpful nature or infectious passion for film, media and gender studies. The MCS students will miss Professor Bundy greatly and all that he offered to UCR and the MCS Department. His love for teaching and his students shined through in all of his endeavors and I will remember him for always having his students’ best interests at heart.”

Before joining us, Mark graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a B.A. in English (with Honors), where he continued on to complete a Master of Arts in English with an emphasis on 20th Century American and British Literature. His Master’s thesis is titled, “Women, Queer and Feminist theory, Representations of Psychosomatic Sexualities in Film, Television and Art”. He continued his education at UC Riverside in the Department of English, working toward a Ph.D. with an emphasis on Media & Cultural Studies, Gay and Lesbian Studies, 20th Century and Contemporary American Poetry, and Gothic Studies. During his time at UCR, he taught in the English Department and the University Writing Program, as well as the MCS Department. Additionally, Mark found time to write and publish, including the article, “A Keene Sense of Direction”: An Interview with Nip/Tuck Director Elodie Keene, published in Reading Nip/Tuck. Ed. Roz Kaveney (Tauris, 2011), as well as “Lipstick Leviathans: Demonologies of the Lesbian Body in The L Word,” in Reading the L Word: Outing Contemporary Television. Eds. Kim Akass and Janet McCabe (Tauris, 2006).

The MCS Department would like students to know that both of Mark’s classes scheduled for the Winter Quarter will be covered by MCS faculty. We know that students will be disappointed, and that they will miss Mark’s energy and brilliance. We will miss these very things as well. Please join us in remembering and celebrating Mark’s teaching, writing and work during this difficult time