MCS Welcomes New Faculty

Professor Gloria Kim joins MCS starting fall, 2017.

Professor Gloria Kim is an interdisciplinary media scholar working at the intersection of the environmental humanities, media studies, visual culture, infrastructure studies, and science and technology studies. Her research examines how properties and systems of the anthropocene – such as emerging microbes, and mutant life forms – have become important sites for the production of new forms of speculative knowledge, disturbed ontologies, novel technologies, and emergent politics. Her current manuscript (in-progress), “Transmissions: Ambient Media and American Security in the Era of Emerging Infections,” explores modes of mediation, forms of kinship, means of capital, and senses of nationhood surfacing amid efforts to manage emerging viruses. In a second project, Professor Kim examines discourses of the microbiome bridging insight from critical data studies, social theory, affect, security studies, material culture, and the anthropocene.

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