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DSC07892Founded in 1993, Film and Visual Culture is an interdisciplinary program, staffed by faculty from eighteen UCR departments. Because most classes are cross-listed with one or more other departments, students can elect to take them under the listing which best accords with their interests, career plans, or College or major requirements. Since the Fall of 2000, the Film and Visual Culture Program is offered as a major in addition to the minor offered since 1993.

The major provides an interdisciplinary examination of film, video, television, multimedia and visual culture with a primary emphasis on history and theory and a secondary focus on production. The major consists of three curricular tracks: Film and Visual Media; Film, Literature and Culture; and Ethnography, Documentary and Visual Culture. The Film and Visual Culture major combines the breadth of an interdisciplinary major with a precise focus on visual media. Its interdisciplinary structure brings together approaches to visual media that would usually be separated by discipline.  Students will have a unique opportunity to acquire critical skills in the reading and analysis of media texts together with those involved in various modes of media production. This applied experience includes training in creative, documentary, and ethnographic video, photography, and multimedia production.  Familiarity with media, either for its academic or industrial applications, enhances one’s understanding of any field in the humanities or social sciences today.

The minor includes production classes and provides credit for internships, which we can help arrange but the focus is not on pre-professional training. Instead, students are encouraged to develop media literacy through courses in the aesthetics, history, politics, and theory of the visual media. Special attention is paid to gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, performance, and dance, which are the research and teaching strengths of the participating faculty.

UC Riverside Film and Visual Culture major and minor credit for courses taken while participating in the Education Abroad Program will be determined by petition only. Upon their return to U.C. Riverside, students should submit a request for such credit with a statement of justification based on course content and supporting materials, including copies of the EAP course syllabi and/or course papers and exams; they will be notified in writing of the chair’s decision regarding the petition.