who we are
Media and Cultural Studies is a dynamic, newly-formed department at UCR bringing together a diverse group of faculty and students engaged in the critical analysis and related production of media and culture.

what we do
We aim to study how political economy and dominant ideologies condition the production and distribution, circulation and contestation, reception and appropriation of media and cultural texts.
We are committed to analyzing how ideology, power and identity intersect and articulate through media and culture.
We interrogate the relationships between the conditions of production (policy, ownership, institutions, regulation); the formations of social movements and practices of expressive cultures; and the production of meaning through different media texts and technologies.

Our approach encompasses political economy and media policy, critical race and gender studies, ethnography, and close textual analysis.
Employing a problem-based approach to the analysis and production of media, our work critically analyzes the relations between institutions, ideology, and identity by combining methods in the social sciences and the humanities. We strive to synthesize critical analysis and cultural production, blending theory with practice.

Our department examines the media of the past and present; commercial norms and governmental policy; and the newest forms of media technology and innovation. We analyze old and new technologies, including visual, aural, audiovisual, and computer-generated texts.